#BBNaija Lockdown 2020: Lets see whats happening Tonight in Big Brother’s House

This is whats happening in Big Brother’s House Tonight, All about Lucy, Kiddwaya, Nengi and the other housemates
  • So Erica confronted Lucy and Kayode did not show us???? I wonder all the Kiddrica contents we’ve missed… #BBNaija #PepsiBBNTurnUp
  • What Erica is saying about Lucy right now is facts. I heard her saying, “Some of us are not lucky with this grouping” and Kidd was right beside her. Meanwhile, she’s the one that will go out there to mess up, an actual liability but always quick to talk down on others #BBNaija
  • Thank you for saying the truth I’ve seen other fanbase agreeing with what Erica said Lucy is Always claiming PowerPoint presentation She thinks she’s intelligent than all of them but see how she messed up and started crying She needs to stop belittling others #bbnaija
  • Lucy was insulting Kidd all day only for her to mess up during the challenge. Karma is truly a bitch #bbnaija
  • My love for Erica keeps increasing daily. She keeps it real. Lucy kept telling all the HMs she wasn’t comfortable being with Kidd since he can’t sing and she got on stage and also messed up. Kidd even sang better than her today. #BBNaija
  • #BBNaija Erica knows when her man is not Okay and she will do anything to make sure that nobody disrespects him just because he is nice to everyone. In Sesotho we say “Mosadi O Tshwara Thapa Ka boiling” she spoke to Lucy nicely she didn’t fight her. RELAX
  • The way we’re suddenly defending Lucy. Lmao, The Tl was so dry a few mins ago, Erica said few words, and everywhere burst under 2secs. If only baby girl knows how much influence she has put her. BabyG, Star girl aka Ultimate influencer
  • Baby G confronted Lucy because she was talking to Kidd anyhow it is like our SUBMARINE is about to be engraved to a permanent site #BBNaija
  • It’s true. Kiddwaya doesn’t complain about people when it comes to tasks. He’ll always try to stay positive and bring out his best. He’ll also encourage everyone. Lucy was wrong and rude. It definitely got to him. Thank u, Erica, for what u told Lucy #BBNaija
  • #BBNaija That’s how Lucy said Erica and Nene were unintelligent but they proved themselves during the quiz and she was found shaking. It’s not a good habit Lucy complains a lot Only small voting today for an MC for their Pepsi challenge, Lucy made drama out of it #VoteErica
  • ERICA: She (LUCY) kept complaining about everything KIDD did and put him down, yet she was the one crying after the performance. She forgot her lines! Why’re you complaining about someone else? If perfect is 10, she’s like 1! Very rude! #BBNaija
  • Lucy is always wrong until she insults Nengi. You will start hearing “lucy speaks facts ” “lucy all my votes next week are for u” “lucy u go nowhere, u say it as it is “. Y’all enjoy d lucy that spits facts, I don’t want to hear pim!!!#BBNaija
  • She already has two strikes lucy is the last person she should pay attention to Everyone knows Lucy is headache #BBNaija
  • My problem with Erica is that she’s not real. She’ll do anything to be with kid, she never disagrees with what he says. It’s like she doesn’t have her own mind ha’an! How can you be so delusional?? Tbh Kidd is very nonchalant when it comes so tasks so I understand Lucy #BBNaija
  • Do you also “understand” Lucy when Housemates put a vote for the Host and TrikyTee won.. and ur Lucy said she would rather be locked inside simply cos she didn’t get the majority vote to host?
  • Kiddwaya, Erica & Tolanibaj talk about Lucy‘s actions during the task. She spent the day complaining about Kiddwaya and yet forgot her lines. She cried after the presentation & claimed it was about herself. Erica spoke with her and wonders why she has… #BBNaija



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