#BBNaija LOCKDOWN 2020: See what people think about NENGI to help answering question

Hi people. This is Nengi. It’s a few days in the #bbnaijalockdown2020 house. Keep your support coming guys, I need it. Much love from me to you guys.

  • Nengi chose love over obedience She really had to make that sacrifice to help her crush(Ozor) get the question.. A queen! #BBNajialockdown
  • Nengi loses one point for trying to help Ozo answer his question…
    Dorathy’s mind: zzzzzz
  • Nengi you lost point for man!!!MANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN??! In this economy?!! #BBNaija
  • Nengi warned us,she told ozo when she likes someone she shows it if the person doesn’t read the signs she chills. What more signs could she have done than helping him giving the boys a chance to win risking the girls #BBNaija
  • #BBNaija Chai! See Nengi sacrificing her point for Ozo. She is a preacher of love.
  • Fine, Even if you say Nengi likes Ozor Has she ever invaded his personal space? NO Has she ever made moves to hold or touch him? Has she ever went up to him to strike a conversation? NO liking someone and throwing yourself at them are two entirely different things #BBNaija
  • Nengi baby ,we rise by lifting others .. You sha got it right .. we move #bbnaija
  • #BBNaija Nengi and Ozo will be the death of me this season. Why do I always do this to myself.
  • Nengi: Kaisha you tried, I’m so proud of you. Kaisha: Are you serious? Nengi: Yes nau…you got all your two questions…I’m proud of you. Kaisha: Thank you HOH #BBNaija
  • You people should stop with this nengi and ozo thing, nengi is just having fun tonight and it is a very beautiful sight to behold. The way she cleared the whole thing with ozo and made everyone know she only wanted them all to win the wager is impressive. #BBNajialockdown
  • People want #nengi to be the show villain, my girl steadily disappointing them……#Nengi continue to show them positive vibes #bbnaija
  • I want to be awake till Nengi sleeps My mind is not at rest with the way she has been drinking #BBNaija
  • Ozo is so quiet cause he still can’t believe he mentioned Nengi‘s name as been called “finest” in primary school…Deep down,he knows he kinda fucked up. Even the Erica that was being called the finest in school would be feeling somehow,like she isn’t fine enough anymore #BBNaija

So this are some people comment about #NENGI



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