Nigerian Government, Several times we tried to reach you and present our squalid state for your scrutiny, but we repeatedly failed. My terrible and depilated condition is rapidly falling apart.

We are thus not asking too much from society. we are not requesting the government yo give us a political designed tent to serve our personal interest. we are begging our parent to provide us with the luxury of life because we know they’re not financially buoyant.

we are not agitating that we must be incorporated into the class of the nobles. That is a typical no-go-area for our aspiration. all we are claiming is that we simply want to live in dignity like every wealthy Nigerian child.

we manage to survive with a strong heart and powerful will even though our stomach is zero. these are the two secrets of our life existence. it is our alive and active, it is our powerful will that motivates us for higher struggle even though you hardly appreciate that. we must blow our trumpet very loud here because no Nigerian can compete with us demonstrating a strong heart and powerful will.

We know that our class must be rejected and despite because we are simply middle/low class, yet our spirit remains unbreakable.
You are living witness that we have not designed these pathetic situations for our selves. never put the blames on Allah. you are guilty until you change your life; low class to something much better.

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You may think that you’re doing great services to the country by ignoring our intellectual capacity. for adequate care and support to prove you wrong. You will regret your action of ever neglecting our intelligence. you are selfish to identify only the children of the bourgeoisie, petty bourgeoise and high class as the only ones with intellectual capacity. Allah says In the Glorious Qur’an “you are the best community raised for the good of mankind, you enjoin what is good & forbid what is evil and you believe in God”[3:10].

Remember that this is the period of our formative years. if you betray our hope now you will definitely break our future. Would you like to be remembered among those who are responsible for our pain and agonies? we are putting this before you because we are not the architect of our sordid condition. Remember the saying of our great holy prophet [S.A.W]:”

A Muslim is a brother to a Muslim. He does not betray him and doesn’t forsake him”. You know that you have betrayed us without rumours, you’ve wrong us by rejecting the trust reposed in you to see us lively & reproductive. but in the spirit of ISLAM, we have sincerely forgiven you, our future start today and it must begin with you because you have both the power and resource, with absolute humility,

I lay this serious case to all whose heart is filled with excessive passion for our course. Our strong belief in Allah will continue to grow and show you respect despite your deliberate injustice to us. we will never be envious of those worshipping fame, power and wealth. I will never compete with those unpatriotic Nigerian who mortgage our country.



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